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What is New At ICW?

May 2007

While I had hoped for more progress on the reviews of trusted companies and their software, finishing another project has taken most of my discretionary time.  As this project ends in the middle of May, expect the reviews to follow and then Infinite Forum Works will be available for comment, questions, and problems.

An additional feature for the near future will be substantial resources dedicated to keeping our children safe while they use the Internet.  The local high school recently sponsored a workshop for parents on this topic, which was received enthusiastically by the community.  This suggested a way for me to add value to Infinite Computer Works by exploring available resources that can aid parents in protecting their children from sexual predators lurking on the Internet.  Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially from those who have found solutions that work for them.

While it seems that I am adding projects much faster than I am completing them, the infinite possibilities these projects represent can recharge my batteries.


April 2007

New features added in March:

1) A marquee style "Announcement", to highlight the most recent and newsworthy events both here on the web site and in the forum.  The next step will be to tie the two marquees to the same announcement. 

2) Some of the ads have been tied to multiple images and messages and will rotate in and out to keep the web site fresh.

3) A new Microsoft Messenger presence has been created (icwllc@hotmail.com) to offer remote help.  When added to the contact list, requesting remote help is easy and simple.

April objectives are to publish the reviews and open up forum board topics to allow for comments on these companies.  A new feature in the planning stage will be to introduce a new company, product, or service.  While we learn to use it, we will evaluate and publish the results.

What is next?  The possibilities are infinite.


March 2007

February was a busy month. An acceptable style, image and format were implemented. Infinite Computer Works LLC is grateful to those companies who have extended an invitation to affiliate with us. That they have done so while we are in our web infancy will not be forgotten.

One of the projects for March includes completing reviews of the companies and software from the retail market we have used successfully. Next, we will explore the differences between retail and open source. Software authors can market their products in many different ways. For those using the open source model, community support, including donating funds, is vital to keeping quality software available and affordable in our future. This concept will be stressed throughout this web site. Following will be reviews of non-retail software and the reasons why supporting the open source model is so important.

As soon as the write-ups are completed, Infinite Forum Works will come on line, allowing others to express their opinions of the software and companies reviewed and others with whom they have had good or bad experiences.

Future projects will offer advice on diagnostics, troubleshooting, and configuring. A section will be dedicated to the 64-bit operating system. An ultimate goal is to assemble a basic set of Linux software sufficient to allow one to use a computer to do the basics: write letters and print, send and receive email, surf the Internet, and multimedia. The possibilities are infinite.


February 2007

This web site will operate under the "Continuous Improvement" strategy. Since WebMaster is doing as much of the actual construction of the site as possible, it will be a learn-as-you-go project. No doubt, there will be many errors along the way and WebMaster will be glad to listen to any constructive criticisms kindly offered. You may have already noticed the "tab menu buttons" don't go anywhere, yet. Just having a tab bar was an accomplishment, and now there is room to grow.

The purpose of this site is to be a source of assistance, a repository of knowledge for web surfers of all ages. A "Mission Statement" is in the works. Computer technology and software are constantly changing and sometimes improving. Expect many to contribute their knowledge and skill so others can learn from their experience.

Infinite Computer Works.com does not hope to grow up to be a big retail center some day. There are already hundreds of retail establishments, off and online. Instead, revenue is expected to be generated by advertising and referrals, and from donations given by those who perceive a value worth supporting. In addition, services like on location computer maintenance and repair will be continued to be offered to computer users in the local area.

"The Possibilities Are Infinite" is not just a slogan, but also a firm belief in a positive and exciting future. Along the way it is hoped that others will receive the benefits of listening to those who have "been there, done that," and now know what they wished they had known earlier. As a last bit of philosophy, it would seem that it is not what you know, or even what you don't know, but what you don't know you don't know.