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Sound Setup

It's very likely that, if you have a sound card in your computer, it was set up during the install.  In case that didn't happen, here is how to set it up now.
snd01.jpg First, go to the main menu and scroll up to "Multimedia", then over and down to "Kmix Sound Mixer". 
Clicking this will put a little speaker icon in the bottom right bar like "Windoz" does and open a window so you can adjust volume and balance.  Near the bottom center is a "Test Sound" bar.
snd02.jpg Make sure you have your speakers connected and the power turned on and click this bar.  If you hear music then you are done.  If not, and if you want to fix it, here is how: 
snd03.jpg Open the "Super User" terminal console (it should be at the top of the main menu) and enter the root password.  Then type "alsaconfig" into the window (without the quotes) and hit 'enter'. 
snd04.jpg This starts the sound configuration app.  Hit 'enter' to continue. 
snd05.jpg After a few minutes a window should open with your sound card highlighted.  If so, hit 'enter'. 
snd06.jpg Next you should see a window asking if you want to modify a file "if present?".  We are not using this feature so either "yes" or "no" is OK. 
snd07.jpg After another window needing you to hit 'enter',
snd08.jpg you should see a message telling you to "have fun". 
snd09.jpg Go back to the "Sound System" window and click that "Test Sound" bar again.  If you now hear music you are done.

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