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konqi_kde.jpg debWine.jpgElvis may have left the building, but

Linux Has Arrived

I have been waiting for years until an ordinary guy like me could install and use Linux.  It would make me very happy to be able to use my computer and not have to pay exorbitant $$$ for buggy software when I can get buggy software for free!  That time is now!  Follow this step by step 'How-To' and give your 'old' computer new life.

The motivation behind this "How-To" was to assemble an "open source" software package capable of running on older (P III - 500MHz and newer) computers while reducing the learning curve enough for "Windoz" users to migrate to a Linux Operating System.  Secondly, I wanted to package the software so that fast Internet access, although desirable, was not a requirement.  While this 'How-To' specifically focuses on the computer user who does not have a fast Internet connection, anyone can use the step-by-step guide.
  CD_lable.jpg For example, you can download the same KDE "ISO" image I am using.  Then use software like Roxio or Nero to burn a bootable CD. When the choices of using the Internet come up, you can select to do so. 
Whereas the "CD only" install will load about 640 apps, using the Internet adds 140 more. That means you will not need to install printer drivers the way I do in the "How-To".  Also, you will have the default Debian version of "Wine" ready to install, making it possible to run some of your favorite "Windoz" programs in Linux.  Could it be any easier?  As my objective for this first "How-To" was to make it possible to install Linux without the Internet, all of the software needed for this install is included on the CD along with step-by-step instructions ready for printing.

It may not seem logical that a "How-To" published on a web site would do a person without Internet access any good.  Well, if a person has a computer (even a $100 garage sale one) surely they know someone who knows someone who has Internet access.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, and just seeing the steps as they will appear when they install Debian on their own computer could be a real confidence booster.


What You Need to Know

Boot Up and Begin

Install Debian + KDE

Setup KDE Part1

Setup KDE Part2 

Printer Setup

Sound Setup