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Mission Statement

To be a repository of helpful information for computer users of all ages, both local and global, in regard to hardware, software, security, and maintenance. To demonstrate that the possibilities are infinite by continuous development and improvement.

March 2007

Privacy Statement

In plain English, Infinite Computer Works LLC will never sell private information or in any other way knowingly place at risk the identities of our supporters and visitors. We will not participate in any mass mailing of unsolicited email. Private information will only be collected to complete a financial transaction or to establish the legitimate identity of patrons when required. Protecting our visitors from the dangers associated with the use of the Internet is our top priority.

Infinite Computer Works earns revenue when visitors use the provided links to the advertised vendors' web sites. We do not advertise for these vendors because of possible revenue; we advertise their products and services because we have a history of good experiences and satisfaction with them. We will not knowingly promote questionable products or services.

Infinite Computer Works.com uses the function of "cookies" that remembers visitors when they return to our web site. Computer users always have the option to block cookies if they wish. Please take note that when visitors use the links to outside web sites, they come under the policies of those vendors. We have no control over their policies, however; our experience with these web sites has been safe and secure and we have no reason to believe they present any danger.

March 2007

Copyright Infringement

The contents of this web site, Infinite Computer Works.com, are either the protected intellectual property of Infinite Computer Works LLC or are the property of their respective owners. Copyright laws prohibit the reproduction, dissemination, publishing, or transferring of any material available from this web site without the prior written permission of Infinite Computer Works.

We ask that no links to this web site be created by for-profit entities without first acquiring permission. A small banner link is available and may be provided to those requesting one.

March 2007