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Welcome to Infinite Computer Works.com
where the possibilities are infinite.

Our motto is: "The Possibilities Are Infinite".  Our Mission Statement is: "To be a repository of helpful information for computer users of all ages, both local and global, with regard to hardware, software, security and maintenance.  To demonstrate that the possibilities are infinite by continuous development and improvement."

As the web site grows, expect to find a wealth of knowledge to assist you in keeping your computer running smoothly and safely.  For now, just keep watching as new pages are added and new topics are covered.  You may also contribute to the knowledge base by registering with Infinite Forum Works and posting questions and answers to computer-related issues.

Future projects include "tutorials" on how to use some of the "open source" software available.  We hope that you can avoid some of the pitfalls we encountered.

Watch us grow, or better yet, make a contribution to our project.  The possibilities are infinite.